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Methodist Archives re-opening 9 January 2013

Methodist Church of New Zealand Archives re-opening 9 January 2013 in Wairakei Road

After nearly two years, the national repository for Methodist Church of New Zealand records in Christchurch is to re-open on Wednesday 9 January 2013.

The Archives was cordoned off within the Red Zone of the central business district of Christchurch until May this year, and although we knew the collection was safe, it was virtually impossible to get to it.

Once the cordon was lifted, the Archives collection was moved to a warehouse storage facility in Wairakei Road.  The Archives team consisting of Jo and volunteers Enid Ellis, Joyce Challies, Marlene Borgfeldt and until recently Frank Paine, have spent numerous hours putting the collection back to rights.  The combination of earthquakes tipping boxes on the floor and a hurried move, meant that most of the boxes ended up out of order on the mobile shelving.

There are over 6000 boxes, and I can say I have lifted each box at least twice!

Because the storage facility’s main purpose is to store the records, there is only a small space available for researchers.  We have introduced a system of reserving a table during opening hours to avoid having to turn people away because there is no space for them.  There are only two tables, with seating for 3 people.

The Christchurch Methodist Church of New Zealand Archives will be open weekly, Wednesdays 1.00 pm-4.00 pm from 9 January 2013.  Please contact Jo to reserve a table during these hours on 03 3666049 ext 831 or by email: archives@methodist.org.nz

Also in the good news department is that our branch in Auckland is to resume weekly opening hours from 20 November 2012.  It has only been open once a month since February.

The Auckland Methodist Archives will be open weekly on Tuesday afternoons 1.00 pm-4.00 pm at 409 Great South Road, Penrose, Auckland.  Contact our new Archivist, Cynthia McKenzie, at auckarchives@methodist.org.nz or 09 525 4179

Jo Smith
Methodist Church of New Zealand Archives
PO Box 931, Christchurch, New Zealand 8140


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