Rawleigh’s Man

A postcard produced by W.T. Rawleigh Co. Ltd., 89 Tory Street, Wellington. One side of the card lists Rawleigh’s products which customers are invited to mark for purchase. The other side is pre-stamped with Toss Woollaston’s name and address, 33 Kilgour Road, Greymouth.

Extracted from Leo Bensemann’s papers relating to the 1954 exhibition of The Group.
Toss Woollaston worked as a Rawleigh’s distributor in Greymouth.

From the Robert & Barbara Stewart Library and Archives of the Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu.

Part of the Cantage Records and Archives Week 2010 exhibition


4 responses to “Rawleigh’s Man

  1. Do you have any idea what year this was? I know he commenced working for Rawleigh’s in late 1949, and had moved on by the late 1950s.

  2. Tim Jones

    The card isn’t dated, but it was included in the papers gathered up at the 1954 Group Show, But it is perfectly possible that the card had been deposited at an earlier Group Show and has ended up in the 1954 folder by mistake. There is simply no real way of telling, but 1954 seems about right.

    Tim Jones
    Chistchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhtu

  3. Thanks Tim, for the answer. I would say early 1950s given the style of graphics and printing. None of the products had really changed well into the 1960s. I found some information that Woollaston was working as a rep up to 1966.

  4. Heather Curtis

    I was wondering doses your company have a copy of the poem written for the Australian Women’s Weekly called the Rawleigh’s man in a competition of Australian poets I think this poem won the competition the competition was in 2000-2003

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