Records & Archives Week 2010

“Industrious Kiwis: Archives and Industry”

Records and Archives Week is held during the first week of May and celebrates the importance of records, archives and the recordkeeping professions.

The theme for RAW 2010 is archives and records of industry. New Zealanders are renowned for our ingenuity and clever ideas (our No.8 wire mentality). Archives and records are an important means of preserving our history of industry, innovation, trade, enterprise, research, science, technology and economic development. This is particularly relevant in the current economic state in helping us to reflect on our history of enterprise and ingenuity.

More from Archives and Records Association of New Zealand about the Records and Archives Week 2010

Welcome our showcase of some of the material in our Canterbury collections on the theme of industry, enterprise and ingenuity.

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A selection of images of factory interiors from the early twentieth century.

Images from collections around Canterbury

Use of images

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