An Introduction to Caring for Photographs 2014

AfmI’m happy to announce another workshop in February next year. I’ve managed to keep the cost the same as 2010, even though this time it will be up to two days, maybe only a day and a half. In the past I have felt too pressed for time and having two days available will make things less stressful for me and hopefully more relaxed for you. Sorry to those coming from out of town.

I have put all the information at the bottom of this e mail because I think the CANTAGE ListServ doesn’t like attachments. If you’d like to have it sent separately please let me know. The last page, the registration form, should fit nicely onto a single Word document page, although I’m happy to receive it back by e mail. I do ask for payment before your place is confirmed.

I haven’t limited numbers this time as I have a larger room in the Recovery Centre available, however if I get a tidal wave of responses I’ll look at dividing the group into two.

If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me and I look forward meeting you all in February.

Matthew O’Sullivan
Keeper of Photographs

Caring for photographs 2014


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