Expressions of interest required – photographic workshop

From Matthew at the Airforce Museum; email –

Please let Matthew know if you are interested in this opportunity. There have been some responses but not enough to go ahead with planning at this point.

Matthew will probably run it in either February or March and it may extend it to a day and a half otherwise it can get a little rushed. Perhaps you could also indicate whether a day or a day and a half would suit you, especially if you are thinking of travelling to attend.

More information on the photographic workshop

I’m putting my feelers out to see if there is any interest in me running my one-day photographic workshop again. If I get enough interest I’ll look to run it later in the year. I could perhaps tailor it to the WW1 period to link in with the WW100 celebrations, however I feel that getting an overall view is more helpful. Price TBA but is anticipated to be inexpensive again. Following is a brief breakdown of what I intend to cover, however this may change slightly once interest is established.

Generally I’ll be talking about the most commonly found processes and problems; things I have experienced in the day-to-day running of a photo archive, which only encompasses less than the last 100 years of photography. Earlier photographic processes will only be covered briefly, as background to the more modern processes.

I will not be talking about conservation issues. Time permitting, we may do some practical exercises.

This seminar will be aimed at, but not exclusive to, small institutions with volunteer staff, or newcomers to the archival field, that have photographic collections as part of a wider archival collection. Often the care of photographs is neglected because of a lack of knowledge about their proper care and storage. I hope to be able to share the knowledge I have gained over nineteen years, so others can better care for the photographic images in their collections.

The day will finish with a tour of the Air Force Museum Photo Archive, where I will show you how I have things organised and answer questions you may have about storage. I encourage you to think about any problems or issues you have or might want to talk about. I can’t guarantee to be able to give definitive answers on the day but if not, I will try to find answers.

Anticipated Agenda


  • Negatives
  • Older processes (Only as background)
  • Nitrate
  • Vinegar syndrome
  • Polyester
  • Transparencies


  • Older processes (Only as background)
  • Fibre based prints
  • Polyester prints
  • Colour prints
  • Framed/mounted prints


  • General tidiness
  • Basic handling and dusting
  • Broken negatives
  • Albums
  • Torn or damaged prints
  • Basic cleaning of glass negatives


  • Sleeves, envelopes, enclosures
  • Rolled prints
  • Boxes
  • Environment
  • Drawers, files etc
  • Electronic files, backup, metadata, databases, discs etc
  • Documentation
  • Books, ISO, WWW

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