High Street Stories


High Street Stories is a website and free augmented reality app.

Developed by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust as part of the High Street Precinct project it contains stories, images, music and film.

The Canterbury earthquakes in 2010/2011 irrevocably damaged the High Street precinct, with Victorian and Edwardian streetscapes and lively laneways changed forever, and most of the heritage buildings demolished.

Audio stories on this site celebrate the life and times of this area, from early days as a bustling commercial centre through its decline in the 1970s and ’80s, and later regeneration into a boutique shopping and dining area.

But it’s not just about buildings and commerce – you’ll also meet some colourful characters who’ve inhabited High Street over the years.

There are over 90 stories, histories and anecdotes of life in the precinct from architectural heritage through to sordid stories of the red light district.

Website: www.highstreetstories.co.nz
Android app  search High Street Stories on Google Play.

Image: Detail from Christchurch, Canterbury: compiled from data supplied to City Council and District Drainage Board; T.S. Lambert, delt. ([Christchurch]: Fredk. Strouts, 1877). MapColl ATL 834.4492a/1877/Acc.3158.


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