What’s Happening in December 2012 | National Services Te Paerangi

Read the full newsletter: What’s Happening in December 2012 | National Services Te Paerangi

Following are some items of interest from the newsletter, including advice on labelling photographs,  a list of recipients of Helping Hand grants (some local names!), Techsoup offers of technology, upcoming workshops, and museums on the West Coast.

Te Papa National Services

Advice from the helpline – how to label photographs

Recently we received an enquiry about best practice for labelling photographs. We asked Anita Hogan, Collection Manager Photography and New Media Art at Te Papa, how she would do it. This is what she suggested:

Always use a pencil for marking photographs, as inks can eventually ‘strike through’ the paper and show on the front. This might take years, but you can occasionally see it when a photographer has written on the back of their own work. Adhesive labels can also stain the front of the photograph, so try to avoid sticking a label to the back of the photograph and writing on it.

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Update on Helping Hands Grants

A helping hand for footpath signage, korowai storage, and a Summit Station diorama

In this quarter, NSTP has awarded funding for korowai storage boxes, a diorama enclosure, and footpath signage, through the Helping Hands Grant programme. We have granted more than $17000 to small museums, galleries, and iwi groups since the beginning of the financial year in July.

The Helping Hands Grant is available to small museums that need a hand with carrying out their responsibilities. It can be used to obtain materials, services, and information, or to support projects up to a maximum of $1000.

Grants have recently been awarded to the following organisations:

If you have a small project which needs a funding boost, check out the Helping Hands Grant criteria on the NSTP website (some restrictions apply).

TechSoup – technology opportunities for non-profits

Techsoup NZ
Read about TechSoup New Zealand

Through the TechSoup New Zealand programme, eligible New Zealand charitable, welfare, and voluntary non-profit organisations can request donated technology products from reputable technology vendors such as Microsoft.

Find out more

Upcoming workshops

Writing for the web
Delivered in partnership with Interpretation Network New Zealand.

Christchurch – Tuesday 5 March 2013
Dunedin – Thursday 7 March 2013
Wellington – Tuesday 12 March 2013
Auckland – Thursday 14 March 2013

Keeping up with the Coast
Large question marks over the future of some West Coast organisations are one of the longer-term effects of the Canterbury earthquakes, as buildings housing museum collections come under threat from the more stringent structural regulations. Despite these challenges, museums on the Coast are always moving ahead.

At Westport, construction of a new museum exhibition area and i-site on the main street has started. The exhibitions are all planned and Coaltown Museum Manager Chris Hartigan was supervising the removal of a huge piece of machinery the day I visited. A part of the roof of the older building had been removed and the machinery was to be lifted out the next day by crane. It was to be relocated so the new museum could be constructed around it.


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