What’s Happening in November 2012 | National Services Te Paerangi

Read the full newsletter [PDF]: What’s Happening in November 2012 | National Services Te Paerangi

Following are some items of interest from the newsletter, including information about museum marketing, grants for small museums, a stolen vase, and upcoming workshops.

Te Papa National Services

Museum & Gallery Marketing Forum
From 18 to 19 October, marketing staff from museums and galleries all over New Zealand gathered in Wellington for the inaugural Museum & Gallery Marketing Forum. It was a great two days of sharing ideas and making new contacts, culminating in a tour of some of central Wellington’s museums.We are now working through steps to make the forum a regular event.

NSTP services survey
Thank you for your feedback on our last survey, which was about our grants programme. We were pleased to discover that those of you working in small museums found the Helping Hands Grant particularly useful.  We’re reviewing our grants programme at the moment and will tell you about changes in the next few months.

For now:

Vase stolen from Alberton
Alberton vase NZHPTThis vase is believed to have been stolen from Alberton, Mt Albert, Auckland, some time between 30 August and 19 October 2012. It is approximately 28cm tall, with ‘3 / 938/492’ marked on the base, and the accession number label XAH.Y.53.

NZ Historic Places Trust would be very grateful if you could keep an eye out for the vase, and spread the word to any relevant networks you may have. If you have any information which could assist in its recovery, please contact Rebecca Apperley on 04 472 4341.

Upcoming workshops
Māori in Museums
22–23 November, Air Force Museum, Christchurch

Care and identification of photographs
4–5 & 7–8 February 2013, Central City Library, Auckland

18–21 February 2013, Te Papa, Wellington

View our calendar for all upcoming workshops and events



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3 responses to “What’s Happening in November 2012 | National Services Te Paerangi

  1. You, or NZHPT rather, should place the notice about the stolen vase on TradeMe as a listing, and keep re-listing it every week. The thief is going to have a difficult time offloading this if they try and it’s highly likely it will turn up there. I had collectibles stolen once and the perpetrator was foolish enough to list them and he was caught.

  2. The type of person that visits a historic house and takes something clearly coveted that object and would likely not sell it I think. They took it to keep. You just never know what’s going through people’s heads though!

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