Christchurch Modern and Hum-Dingers of the Grid City

Hum-Dingers of the Grid City

Hum-Dingers of the Grid City

The recent event in Christchurch made me think again about the notion of heritage – what is a heritage buiding – and what is special character. No doubt we will hear a lot about these notions in the coming weeks and months ahead.

And as I read of Heritage week contemplating cancellation, I recalled that Heritage week in 2008  uncovered two architecture gems (online) which helped me to remember that the last 50 years of buildings is ok to care about.

One is a photo collection on Flickr – Hum-Dingers of the Grid City -fantastic photos of Christchurch modernist buildings.

The other – Christchurch Modern looks at modern houses in Christchurch with features on architects including

  • Don Cowey
  • George Griffiths
  • Holger Henning-Hansen
  • Nicholas Kennedy
  • Paul Pascoe
  • Peter Beaven
  • Warren and Mahoney

We recently saw the 1950s  Miles Warren’s Dorset Street Flats becoming a NZHPT registered building. Is it the most recent building in Christchurch to get listed?

We need to remember our recent heritage as well, and help redefine what heritage means.

For me I want to help ensure that we have good documentation (online of course) of the ordinary and the not listed stuff as it may go tha way of the bulldozer. It may even mean caring about the plight of a tilt slab building!


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