Christchurch City Council Archives – Webpages back up

Our webpages are now back up and available for the public to access. The web address is as follows :

As the address is quite complex we are directing customers to find us under the ‘Services A-Z’ – which is on the front page  of the main web address ( and is a quick way to get to our pages.

We also have a brochure nearly completed so will be sending out to organisations throughout the region to promote our services.

We are having a steady stream of customers to our Reading Rooms now – a record 7 people at one time last week! Please remember that we are open by appointment only and to direct any customers to contact us initially at

CCC Coat of Arms

CCC Coat of Arms

We are continuing to uncover gems in the collection on a weekly basis – it can be a bit like Christmas. We recently found a draft of an 1867 Building Ordinance in an unlisted box entitled ‘Miscellaneous Reports to Council’ which the researcher was thrilled with! We have also unearthed the original printing plate of the Coat of Arms of the Council – which was created after a competition in 1922 with the motto ‘Britons Hold Your Own’ – very exciting once we had the plate printed and we realised what we were looking at!


Annabel Armstrong-Clarke


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