Records and Archives Week 2010

Cantage is keen to have more participants in our RAW week exhibition. This is the exhibition we are planning to run at Christchurch City Libraries where we will have digital images (from as many Cantage collections as we can get) projected onto a wall at the Libraries. We will then celebrate with a morning tea on Friday 7th May where we can all present the item we have chosen for the exhibition.

This is a great opportunity to share some of the gems in your collection and to show the wealth of material in our local area. It is also the first time we have tried to do a joint Cantage project so we are wanting it to be a success!

If you have items in your collection but are not sure how to take a digital image please contact or . Amanda and Annabel are happy to come and visit and take an image for the exhibition.

Don’t forget the theme for RAW 2010 is archives and records of industry. “New Zealanders are renowned for our ingenuity and clever ideas (our No.8 wire mentality). Archives and records are an important means of preserving our history of industry, innovation, trade, enterprise, research, science, technology and economic development.”

Many of you in the North Canterbury area I’m sure have material regarding the agricultural industry which would be perfect for this theme.


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