Never Be Afraid

Never Be AfraidNever Be Afraid: a New Zealand soldier writes to his niece about life in a prisoner of war camp
Date: Tuesday 13 October – Saturday 21 November 2009
Admission: Free

A compelling exhibition that provides a unique account of the day-to-day activities of Dudley Muff a New Zealand prisoner of war held in a German prisoner of war camp.  Dudley’s diary, written to his four year old niece, is an imaginative means to communicate his life as-it-is-lived. Through his little men, caricatures of fellow prisoner and their captors, Dudley explores the human spirit. His message to the viewer, ‘never be afraid’ is a reminder of the many ways people have endured captivity. Life in the camp is presented in a series of adventures making it possible to sense the life and death challenges inherent in the activities of Dudley’s little men.

An exhibition at  Our City O-Tautahi


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