Christchurch City Libraries turns 150

Christchurch City Libraries celebrates 150 years in 2009.  This anniversary presents an opportunity to reflect on our special place in the community – then, now and into the future.

We have created a 150 years blog as a way of giving all Christchurch City Libraries staff and ex-staff a place to share their memories and experiences. We want to encourage everyone to contribute their library story, and also take this opportunity to think about how Christchurch City Libraries connects with, reflects and shapes the community.  Please feel free to comment or contribute. To make a contribution to this blog, simply email your text to for posting on your behalf.

Former staff members can receive information about the activities planned for the 150th anniversary by sending your name, email address and the years you were associated with the library to:

We would really love to hear from those who have anything in their collections that could be of concern to us. What nuggets of Christchurch City Libraries history might be hiding in your buildings that we could be interested in?


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